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Art and Art Therapy for everyone. Experience your creativity. Discover the artist inside you

Why choose Imaginarte?

We offer you the experience and expertise of more than 15 years teaching and learning.

We firmly believe that we are ALL creators.

You will discover the artist inside you.

Our university and creative teachers will be your guide and your support.

You can choose from a beautiful range of possibilities of Art, Creativity and Personal Development.

You have at your disposal very elaborate programs with a personal teaching adapted to you.

Choose the à la carte teaching you need: individual, group, for the company.

Our goal is to make the difficult easy for you. Our step by step system, time, patience and joy are the ingredients of our successful cocktail.

You will find a relaxed atmosphere, a friendly treatment and full of positive thinking.

Good facilities designed for you, with high ceilings and plenty of light with color temperature balance.

If you are looking for quality, variety and creativity, we have good prices


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Ana Belen Diez

Imaginarte has allowed me to immerse myself in a form of expression that unites art and therapy, two fields that I love deeply. Art Therapy: clay, drawing, writing, painting ... a whole experience of creativity in which it is not necessary to be an expert, you just want to know yourself better and even, who knows, if you want to help others. The teachers are professional, close, loving and fun.

Anaïs Darder Alarcón

A wonderful experience. We are two denied for the manual arts and have managed to extract from us the instinct and creativity that we were unaware of. We have copied a blindfolded clay figure and it was fantastic. Absolutely recommended. In addition, the very close, professional and pleasant human team.

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